confusedLet AuctionsOnSite get top dollar for your items. With more than 100 million users around the globe, eBay is an excellent way to find the people who want to buy your things.

We will gladly consign your items that sell for $50 in value or more on eBay. Simply drop your items off at our store and we'll take care of everything else, including research (to determine the approximate value of the item), photography, writing titles and descriptions, managing your auction for you from beginning to end, processing payment, and professional, fast shipping through ShipOnSite. It's that simple!

Fee structure- Unlike other consigners who charge 50% and other trading assistants who charge 42% of this, 38% of that... AuctionsOnSite has a simple, easy to calculate consignment fee. You will receive 2/3rds of the sale price minus the small commission that eBay takes on each item, typically 8% - 10%. Items over $1000.00 are negotiable.


We offer two different Auctioning services:

(1) Basic Service - There are no upfront fees to list your item. Bidding starts between $9.98 & $24.98. This service is intended for items not requiring a Reserve. Worst case scenario....your item sells for $9.98 or $24.98.
(2) Premium Service - You pay an upfront fee of $20.00 (for items <$1,000.00 in value), which provides your auction with a "Reserve" price and a "Buy It Now" price or "Best Offer" option. Your item doesn't sell unless the Reserve amount is met. Your $20.00 is applied to our commission, if your item sells.

We can help you sell your car! - Just like putting an ad in the Auto Swapper Magazine, AuctionsOnSite can assist you with selling your car, except your vehicle is marketed to a qualified audience of 11 million people every week. Our auction management fee for automobiles or any titled items (e.g., travel trailers, boats, etc) is 25% of the sale price or $500, whichever is less. There is a $60.00 insertion fee due prior to listing the vehicle, with the remainder of any other eBay fees due after the vehicle sells.

We do FUNdraisers too! - We work with schools, church groups and other non-profit organizations to raise money. We accept donated items that are of $50.00 and up in value and sell them on eBay to raise money for the organization. The FUNdraising organization receives a check up to 75% of the sale price. Donated items not sold are donated to a local charity.

ShipOnSite of Myrtle Beach supports the following Animal Shelters throughout the Grand Strand. You may consider donating your eBay items to either of these non-profit organizations:

  • Grand Strand Humane Society
    3241 Mr. Joe White Avenue
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577
  • St. Francis Animal Center
    125 Ridge Road
    Georgetown, SC 29440
  • Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission
    3110 Barnfield Rd,
    Conway, SC 29526