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3 Reasons to Use a Certified Freight Agent / Broker

Working with a certified freight agent/broker assures you get the best service with a highly-trained and trustworthy freight partner. ShipOnSite is the only freight broker in the Grand Strand who is a Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) through the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). CTBs undergo additional training and testing to ensure they meet high standards of knowledge, reliability and integrity. Here are a few more reasons to choose a certified freight agent:

1. Match your shipping needs with the best options from a network of reliable and certified transportation carriers. Because freight brokers are the connection between the transportation company and the client, reputable carriers place a high value on working with freight brokers who also meet high standards. And certified freight brokers have the knowledge and experience to make sure any transportation carriers they work with meet or exceed industry standards. They also develop relationships with a network of carriers and learn their rates, their most common routes and any discounts they may be willing to give. This allows them to match your shipping needs with carriers that are dependable and as cost-effective as possible.

2. Coordinate all of your shipping needs for you. Working with a certified freight agent is like having your own shipping department–without the cost of actually having your own shipping department. Outsourcing your shipping needs to your trusted freight agent eliminates the need for special equipment, extra staff, special software, invoicing and audits. Your freight agent takes care of all of the little details for your shipping needs, saving you time, money and resources.

3. Expertise in determining the proper freight class and NMFC codes. Certified freight brokers have extensive knowledge of the different freight classes and appropriate NMFC codes. NMFC codes refer to the National Motor Freight Classification system, which is a standardized system intended to provide a uniform pricing structure for freight transport. Using the incorrect freight class or NMFC codes can result in higher shipping costs than anticipated for the content of your shipment.

There are many benefits to working with a trusted certified freight agent/broker. The three reasons outlined here all add up to something very important for you and your business–peace of mind. When you know your shipping is being handled by a trustworthy freight partner, you can focus on your business and sleep well at night too. ShipOnSite is your CTB freight agent and partner along the Grand Strand.

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