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Top 5 Reasons to go to a Local Shipper vs. the Post Office

If you’ve never used a local shipper to send a package, you might be wondering how they’re different than your local post office location. Both mail packages and letters, but that might be where the similarities end. Here are the top 5 reasons to go to a local shipper and skip the lines at the post office.

1. Assistance with proper packaging of your item.
If you have an odd-shaped or delicate item to ship and you’re uncertain how best to package it to ensure it makes it to the destination safely, a local shipper will assist you with actually packaging the item – including proper packing materials to protect the item such as bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Many also offer crating and palletizing services for large items or multi-package shipments.

2. Hours that work with your schedule.
Many local shippers are open 7 days per week. They may also offer evening hours on certain days or during certain seasons. While the post office may add service hours during the holidays, local shippers have them beat with hours on Sundays and/or extended Saturday hours – year round.

3. Help select the most appropriate shipping provider for your needs.
Local shippers typically work with the USPS as well as other major shipping providers. Whether your top concern is having your package delivered on a specific day or getting the best price for your shipment, local shippers have the expertise to help you select the right carrier to match your needs. They can also compare rates for you to help you find the best deal.

4. Domestic and international freight services.
Whether you have a large heavy item to be shipped within the U.S. or an international shipment, a local shipper is the resource you need to handle freight transport. While not all local shippers provide freight shipping services, the post office doesn’t offer freight services at any location. Whether your freight shipment requires transport by land, air or sea, your local shipper is the expert to rely on.

5. Lots of helpful services beyond shipping.
Many local shippers offer an array of helpful services that go far beyond any post office. Just a few examples of services local shippers offer include printing services, notary services, private mailboxes (and they sign for packages from all major carriers, unlike the service you get with a P.O. box), business centers with computer workstations, passport photos and some even offer auction services that help you sell items through online auction sites.

Your local shipper , ShipOnSite of Myrtle Beach, offers all the same services as the USPS and a long list of additional services you won’t find at any post office. Extra bonuses to using a local shipper – avoiding slow-moving never-ending lines and getting the hands-down best customer service.

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