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Why Having A Private Mailbox Is Smart

Private mailboxes are available through local shippers, such as ShipOnSite. Private mailboxes offer so much more than a run-of-the-mill post office box. Particularly for business owners who operate out of their home, a private mailbox provides privacy, consistency and security that just makes smart business sense.


A private mailbox delivers greater privacy by providing an official street address for your business that is separate from your home address. An official street address can look more professional in some industries than a P.O. box and the shipper providing the mailbox will sign for packages from any carrier – not just packages sent through USPS. Using a private mailbox also prevents customers from randomly dropping by your home, unaware that your business is home-based.


Using a private mailbox provides a consistent address for your business, no matter how many times your home address changes. Not only does it add consistency to your professional reputation but it also saves you from having to repeatedly change your address on all of your digital platforms and on all of your printed materials, such as business cards and brochures. Your private mailbox saves you hassle and also money you’d otherwise spend on replacing your print collateral.


A private mailbox is a great way to ensure security of packages and mail received for your business. Many residential areas have street-side mailboxes where anyone can shuffle through your mail while you’re away and steal anything of interest. Likewise, packages left on residential doorsteps are usually in full view of anyone driving by and at risk for theft. Additionally, when you go out of town, accumulating mail alerts potential burglars that you’re away. When you use a private mailbox for your business, less mail accumulates at your home. You have the peace of mind you need knowing your packages and mail are stored securely in your private mailbox and safe from thieves or tampering whether you’re gone for the day or for a month.

Having a private mailbox provides great benefits for your home-based business, such as keeping packages and mail secure and having a signer available for packages from all major shippers. You also get a consistent street address for your business, no matter how often you move, and your home address stays private.  ShipOnSite of Myrtle Beach offers great low rates on private mailbox rentals, along with convenience of location.

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