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Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Whether you’re packing fragile items for an upcoming move or to ship to someone in another area, there are some tips we recommend to keep your fragile or breakable items safe during transport.

1. Take your time! Rushing could cause you to overlook something or skimp on cushioning that is needed to keep the item from shifting around during transport, making it more prone to breakage.

2. Choose the right box. For fragile items, it’s best to select a heavy-duty double-walled cardboard box that is the smallest possible size to properly fit your item. Boxes that are too large are more difficult to fill extra space in and can make your item more likely to move around inside the box while being transported.

3. Use the right packing supplies. For most fragile items, you’ll need bubble wrap, cushion foam sheets, newspaper, extra pieces of cardboard, painter’s tape, styrofoam frame protectors (corners), styrofoam blocks or wedges and old t-shirts or towels for extra protection.

4. Pack with weight in mind. For regular breakables like dishes, cups, thicker vases and other stoneware or glassware, always put the heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top, with an extra piece of cardboard in between. These types of items can usually be wrapped in newspaper or cushion foam sheets. Stick crumpled newspaper inside of cups and mugs and use newspaper, t-shirts or towels to fill any empty space and secure items to prevent them from moving. Make sure to mark on the outside of the box which side is the top.

5. Extra fragile items require extra packing. Very delicate or fragile items such as thin glass vases or fine china require a bit of extra packing to protect them properly during transport. First, avoid multiple layers of items, if possible. Tuck crumpled newspaper inside vases or any open space inside items and then wrap a layer of either newspaper or cushion foam sheet around the outside of the item and secure with a piece of tape. Next, wrap a second layer around the item using bubble wrap, taking care around edges and corners. If multiple fragile items will be in the same box, wrap each with old t-shirts or towels before placing into the box to keep items from banging against each other. Ensure all spaces are filled and the items are secure within the box and don’t move around before you seal it.

6. Pack mirrors and pictures as fragile items. Mirrors and pictures with glass should be packed as fragile items. First, take strips of painter’s tape and tape the front of the glass picture or mirror in a diagonal, corner-to-corner manner. The tape should form a star or asterisk shape, similar to the way a cut pizza looks. Wrap the item in foam cushion or newspaper and follow with a layer of bubble wrap. Use styrofoam corners and wedges to protect corners and delicate edges. Pack into a box specifically made for mirrors and pictures and use old t-shirts or towels to fill empty space and keep the items from moving.

If you have questions or need assistance with packing fragile items to prevent breakage during transport, ShipOnSite can help! We’re experts in packing all kinds of items and can help ensure your item is packed right.

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